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A Bail Bonds Company guarantees perfect attendance for all court matters. Guilty, not guilty doesn’t matter, you’re just saying the person bailed, the “defendant”, will go to all their court dates.

Bail Bonds Check InIn most cases the defendant has bail conditions that need to be met. The Bail bonds Company has two options, Option Number One is to have the defendant come into the office to sign the log book on specified days to keep a record of responsibility OR, Option Number Two, which is Bail Bonds Check In App.

Bail Bonds Check In App is the tool that every Bail Bonds Company needs. With a simple easy to use web based portal, that logs and organizes all your clients, Bail Bonds Check In is accessible from any type of PC or device with a internet connection.

Your Bail Bonds Company can't afford to NOT have this outstanding tool!

This web portal and mobile app combination will save thousands of dollars in forfeiture fees.

If the person you bailed misses a court date, the money you put up may be forfeited, By the time you get the forfeiture notification your defendant may be long gone, with Bail Bonds Check In you have a starting point in finding your defendant and saving you money. All it takes is one saved bond and you will see the return on your investment. We know your Surety Company will love you using our Web and App tools.


 Bail Bonds Check In Affordable Options 


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Subscription Plans

Basic Plan

« 1 Month Subscription Unlimited Features - $49.95 
« 1 Year Subscription Unlimited Features - $599.95 (2 Months Free)

Unlimited Plan

« 1 Month Subscription Unlimited Features - $79.95 
« 1 Year Subscription Unlimited Features - $799.95 (2 Months Free)


Web Product Features Include:

• Logs Defendant Photo,Signature, Notes, Date, Time and Location
• Easy to Login and Use from any PC with Internet Access
• Easy to View and Search Defendant Data Logs and Mapping
• Failure to Check In Notifications Sent to Company
• Multiple Control Settings for each Defendant

Bail Bonds Check In Web Portal Benefits:
• Long Term Data Storage and Protection
• Manage and Keep in Contact with All Defendants in One Spot 
• Advanced Signals Helps Reduce Forfeitures Before it is to late

Android & iPhone Product Features Include:
• Defendant Photo and Signature logging
Pre Check In Reminder Notifications
• Missed Check In Reminder Notifications

Bail Bonds Check In App Benefits:
• Easy to Use with Hassle Free Discreet Submittions
• Client can Check In from Anywhere in the world or at the Bail Bonds Office
• Bail Bonds Check In App is FREE

                  Bail Bonds Check In App is FREE to your Clients!

Bail Bonds Check In App Is Free to Clients


Bail Bonds Check In App will help your business run smoother and make your clients happy with an easy to use Android/iPhone App.

The Check In App  offers your clients the most convenient and time saving secure way to Check In with your office.



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